Automatic insurance

Your health, family and your income-earning potential are amongst your most valuable personal assets. Protecting yourself against unexpected events, illness or accidents is a key part of personal financial security. 

At Media Super we believe insurance is important and offer eligible members automatic insurance cover with an option to increase their cover upon joining.

Buying your insurance through your super fund can be one of the cheapest ways to get cover. Media Super provides insurance as a group, or bulk, policy so we receive a discount. We pass these savings on to you. You can tailor cover to suit your needs.

We automatically provide eligible new members with age-based Death and TPD cover when you join Media Super. You may also be eligible for automatic Income Protection cover. If you are entitled to default cover, unless you decline it or cancel it, the cost of the cover will be deducted from your account.

Note: Members under the age of 25 and members with a balance under $6,000 are not eligible for automatic insurance cover. Refer to the Insurance Guide for information about the commencement of automatic insurance cover if this applies to you

Employer-sponsored members

If your employer makes contributions on your behalf, you may have a specific insurance arrangement tailored for you. Ask your employer, check your statement or login to your online account to find out what cover you may already have.

Personal Account members

If you join as a Personal account member, you can choose the level of cover that suits you.

Some extra conditions may apply, but you can take comfort in knowing your family is cared for should something unfortunate happen to you.


For further information about Media Super's insurance offerings and circumstances that may affect your cover, please read the Insurance Guide.