Income protection changed my life

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Grant Bolte, a bookbinder in South Australia, never really paid much attention to his super – it was just something that was part of his pay packet every week.

Now 60 years old, Grant has been sick for quite some time with liver disease. But he couldn't ever afford to stop working and look after his health, so he kept struggling through the day–to–day, gradually getting sicker.

A colleague kept encouraging Grant to call our South Australian Business Development Manager Dorothy Staruchowicz to see if he had any insurance in his super account and explore any claim options. However, Grant, apprehensive and not really understanding super, kept pushing the idea aside – that is, until he got so sick he couldn't work anymore.

'When Grant eventually came to see me, you could see that he was really unwell,' says Dorothy. She quickly got to work to help Grant initiate his claim on his Income Protection cover. As a result, Grant is now receiving his monthly Income Protection benefit and has recently undergone a liver transplant.

Grant says that having this insurance cover has 'changed his life.' Although he's unlikely to ever be able to work again, Grant is feeling much more financially secure as he no longer has to rely on a Centrelink allowance. Since he doesn't need to force himself to work through his illness anymore, Grant's health is improving and he's got a better quality of life.

'Receiving Income Protection benefits while I have been ill has taken away my financial worries, and has let me focus on improving my health,' says Grant.

'Don't leave it until it's too late – look into your insurance benefits with Media Super now to make sure you're protected.'

Find out how much insurance you have

Simply log in to your account at or call the Super Helpline on 1800 640 886 to find out just how much insurance you have.

If you think you might need more insurance cover, ask to speak to a Helpline Adviser# – they can provide you with limited personal advice about your insurance strategy.

Whether you want to increase or decrease your insurance cover, it's usually best to get advice. A Media Super Financial Planner* can help you determine the right level of insurance for your situation, as well as help you understand your current position, determine what your goals are and look specifically at your superannuation and retirement planning needs.

To make an appointment with a Media Super Financial planner, call the Super Helpline on 1800 640 886 or visit

How to change your insurance

If you want to increase your insurance cover, you'll need to complete the Application for insurance cover form and personal health statement. Please read the Insurance Guide for more information.

* Media Super has engaged Industry Fund Services (IFS) ABN 54 007 016 195 AFSL No 232514 to facilitate the provision of financial advice to members of Media Super. Advice is provided by one of our Financial Planners who are Representatives of IFS. Fees may apply. Further information about the cost of advice is set out in the relevant Financial Services Guide, a copy of which can be obtained by calling IFS on 1300 138 848. IFS is responsible for any personal advice given to you by its Representatives.

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