23 Feb 2018 By Media Super Team

In 2018 we are continuing to deliver strong investment returns for our members.

Our Balanced (MySuper) option – in which most members are invested – returned 7.04%^ for the financial year to 31 January 2018, ahead of the median return of 6.88%.*

The pension Balanced option also performed strongly, returning 7.70%^ for the financial year to 31 January 2018, ahead of the median return of 7.35%.**

Performance information is also available for our other super and pension investment options.


In early February we did see significant falls in share markets, but markets have recovered throughout the month and we are expecting short-term losses to be modest (for the Balanced options). Investment returns for February will be available in late March.

Media Super’s Balanced options are well diversified across shares (Australian and international), property, infrastructure, fixed interest and cash investments, as well as various alternative investments, such as our R&D and Fulcrum film and television financing funds.

By investing in our Balanced (MySuper) investment option you also have added peace-of-mind knowing we have portfolio insurance in place, a mechanism designed to reduce the impact of losses if share markets fall heavily. We are one of the few funds that has this type of insurance in place.

It’s important to remember superannuation is a long-term investment. And we are confident that the Media Super Balanced investment option is well positioned to meet our long-term investment objectives for your super and pension.


Everybody’s investment needs are different, depending on your life circumstances and financial goals.

If you have questions about your investment options or would like help developing an investment strategy that’s right for you, call our team on 1800 640 886.


^ Investment returns are not guaranteed and past performance gives no indication of future returns.

* SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SR50 Balanced options (60-76) Index, January 2018.

** SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey – SRP50 Balanced options (60-76) Index, January 2018.