1 Mar 2016 By Media Super Team

Whether you’re looking to boost your super or just gradually ease into retirement, a transition to retirement (TTR) strategy could be just the thing you’re looking for.  

Once you hit your preservation age (which is 55 for many people), you can start taking advantage of a transition to retirement strategy, which could see you working less, saving more, and still maintaining a steady income. 

What is transition to retirement?

Transition to retirement (TTR) is a Government policy that allows eligible Australians to access their super savings early to provide a regular income, giving you more options to ease into retirement while still working. Through salary sacrifice arrangements, you can also boost your super at the same time, potentially resulting in more money in your super savings when you retire. 

How does TTR work?

A pension account is opened alongside your existing super account. These two accounts work together, so you can still add to your super account while you receive an income from your pensions account. You could also potentially reduce the overall tax you pay. 

How can I work less with TTR?

Depending on how you set up your TTR strategy and work it out with your employer, you can cut back on the hours you work while using your TTR pension to replace any lost or reduced income. The great thing is, you can continue to grow your super savings at the same time because you’re still working. 

How can I save more with TTR?

If you don’t want to cut back on your hours but want to add more to your super savings without reducing your income, a TTR might be the right strategy for you. By paying some of your income into your super account, you not only save on tax but you can replace this income with money from your pension account, allowing you to keep the same take-home pay while boosting your super. 

Here to help

If you want to know more about transition to retirement strategies, or if you’re not sure if it’ll be the right thing for you, a Media Super Financial Planner* can help you make informed decisions and provide you with the right tools to transition into retirement. 

As a valued member of Media Super, you are entitled to an initial one hour, face-to-face or phone consultation with a Media Super Financial Planner*, at no cost to you and without any obligation. The purpose of this meeting is to provide you with information and to identify areas where you may benefit from receiving personalised advice, so that you can take control of your situation and make informed decisions. If at the conclusion of the meeting you would like to receive personalised advice, then you will be provided with a fixed price quote. In some circumstances, you may be able to pay the fee for personalised advice out of your Media Super account, please ask your Financial Planner.

Our planners are dedicated to providing high-quality, personalised advice, and will only suggest you seek advice if we are confident that it will improve your situation and is in your best interest to do so.

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