Investment Fees, Indirect Cost Ratios and Property Operating Costs


The Investment fee represents the fees and costs for the investment of the Fund’s assets which are paid from the assets of the Fund.

The Indirect cost ratio is an estimate of the costs for investing in the Fund’s assets which are deducted from investments rather than paid directly by the Fund. It includes expenses that do not form part of the investment fees incurred in investing the assets (but excludes any Buy-sell spread).

Property operating costs reflect additional costs payable in relation to real property, excluding borrowing costs and amounts payable for the acquisition or disposal of real property.

The estimated Investment fee, Indirect cost ratio and Property operating costs for each investment option are shown in the table. The Investment fee arising from costs, the Indirect cost ratio and the Property operating costs will change throughout the year due to factors such as cash flow, changes in the Fund’s investment managers, and changes in asset allocation.


For a full explanation of fees and costs, refer to the Additional Information about your Super Guide or the Pensions Guide PDS.