Socially responsible investing

As an investor you can potentially influence the way companies are run. Finding a balance between your beliefs and financial security may be easier than you think.

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) integrates financial goals with positive personal and societal values. Investing in companies with sustainable, ethical practices financially supports these socially responsible companies and could motivate other companies to adopt similar models.

How do these options perform?

What surprises many people is that you can do well, while doing good. Evidence suggests that investment strategies that consider issues of sustainability are likely to give strong long-term performance and even outperform traditional strategies. Visit the Responsible Investment Association Australasia for information.

What are my options with Media Super?

Our Sustainable Future Shares sector option provides a high growth-oriented investment strategy predominantly invested in Socially Responsible Australian shares.

For more information read our Sustainable Future Shares Investment Guide.

Is Socially Responsible Investing for you?

You need to assess your investment choice carefully.

  • Decide whether you would choose the option even if it wasn’t an SRI option.
  • Consider the option’s past investment performance
  • Compare any costs associated with choosing an SRI option.
  • Evaluate how closely the values used to select the investment match your own.
  • Balance the level of risk you are comfortable with and the level of risk involved in the SRI option.

Please note: our SRI options are invested in shares which carry a significant level of risk. You should consider the risk associated with SRI when making an investment choice.