SmartPath has a ‘whole of life’ approach to investing by combining different types of assets, the proportions of which are changed automatically for you as you get older.

Members can take comfort knowing that while you are working and carving out a career, your super is being invested in an investment strategy that is designed and actively managed for your age group, with the aim of providing a sustainable income for retirement.

How does it work?

SmartPath is designed to meet members’ changing needs as you age. You are placed in a option based on your date of birth with the options grouped into five-year age bands. For example, younger members commencing their retirement savings journey will start with an allocation of approximately 90% growth assets.

As they get older, they will automatically and gradually `glide’ from a growth-oriented investment strategy to a balanced strategy (as shown below). This is done to help reduce the volatility of investment returns before you retire. For the options that are gliding, the asset allocation changes each year on 1 January.

Investment strategies for each age band are carefully considered in regards to likely risk tolerance, liquidity needs, opportunities for tax efficiency and income requirements.

To get started in SmartPath, review the option for the year you were born as set out In the Investment Guide. When you select SmartPath as your investment option, either through your Media Super online account or via the Investment choice form, you’ll be automatically be placed into the age band based on your date of birth.

Exposure to growth assets

The graph below illustrates the reduction in growth assets in a member’s Smartpath investment as the member gets older.

SmartPath begins with an asset allocation of 90% growth assets and reduces over time to 50% growth assets (using the current asset allocations as at the issue date of the current product disclosure statement).

Your life stage

Refer to your year of birth in the table below to see the current allocation of growth assets (as at 1 January 2020). 

Year of birth Allocation of growth assets
2019 - 2023 90%
2014 - 2018 90%
2009 - 2013 90%
2004 - 2008 90%
1999 - 2003 90%
1994 - 1998 90%
1989 - 1993 90%
1984 - 1988 90%
1979 - 1983 90%
1974 - 1978 90%
1969 - 1973 88%
1964 - 1968 78% 
1959 - 1963 68%
1954 - 1958 58%
1949 - 1953 50%
1944 - 1948 50%


Investment returns for SmartPath options

You can find information about investment returns for the various SmartPath cohorts on the super investment performance page, alongside returns for our full range of investment options.