Educational Videos

  • Super for freelancers and the self-employed

    A few superannuation tips for freelancers and the self-employed.


  • How to Grow your super

    Planning ahead is essential to ensure a comfortable retirement. Find out ways to grow your super to keep up with your lifestyle and retirement goals.

  • Over 50? Five steps to a better future

    Now is the time to decide on what you want for the years to come, and put the plans into place to make it happen. 

  • How much super will you need?

    We all live very different life styles, so what is enough for one person may not be enough for somebody else. Will your retirement savings last that long?

  • Women and super – take action & close the super gap

    Australian women retire with around half the superannuation savings of men. And more than 80% of women retire with inadequate savings to fund their retirement. Find out what actions you can take to help close the super gap. 

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    Super for women

  • What is super

    A simple overview of what superannuation is, your rights and how it affects your future.

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    How to grow your super

    How to contribute

    Super for freelance or self-employed people

  • Transferring Super

    Many people have multiple super accounts – learning how to combine them could add thousands of dollars to your final super balance.

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    Combine your super

    Find lost super

    Transferring foreign super

  • Insurance

    Understand the types and level of insurance cover available through your super, and if your level of cover suits your needs.

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    Insurance in your super

    What cover do I have?

  • Changing Jobs

    Find out about the importance of updating your super details and what to do when you’re changing jobs.

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    Changing jobs