Educational Videos

  • Women and super – take action & close the super gap

    Australian women retire with around half the superannuation savings of men. And more than 80% of women retire with inadequate savings to fund their retirement. Find out what actions you can take to help close the super gap. 

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    Super for women

  • What is super

    A simple overview of what superannuation is, your rights and how it affects your future.

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    How to grow your super

    How to contribute

    Super for freelance or self-employed people

  • Transferring Super

    Many people have multiple super accounts – learning how to combine them could add thousands of dollars to your final super balance.

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    Combine your super

    Find lost super

    Transferring foreign super

  • Insurance

    Understand the types and level of insurance cover available through your super, and if your level of cover suits your needs.

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    Insurance in your super

    What cover do I have?

  • Changing Jobs

    Find out about the importance of updating your super details and what to do when you’re changing jobs.

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    Changing jobs


  • Government co-contributions

    Understand the Government contribution scheme for low and middle-income earners and if you’re are eligible for a super boost from the Government.

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    Voluntary contributions

    Making contributions