Open a pension account

If you've reached your Preservation age and have at least $10,000 to invest, you can convert your super savings to a flexible, tax-effective Media Super pension. You can choose your pension payment amount and frequency, and pay no tax on investment earnings.

  1. Download and read the Pensions Product Disclosure Statement.
  2. Complete the enclosed Pension Application form
  3. Get a copy of your proof of identity certified
  4. Mail form and certified ID to Media Super

Choosing your investment options

To nominate your preferred investment option/s when you start your pension, download and complete the Investment Choice Form and submit it along with your Pension application form. If you do not make a selection, you will automatically be invested in the default investment option, which is our Balanced option.

You will be able to manage your investment options through your online account once you receive your PIN.

Combine accounts

It's a good idea to combine any other super accounts you may have into your Media Super account before starting a Media Super pension. Learn more about combining your super or call your local Business Development Manager for help.

To consolidate your existing pension and superannuation accounts into a new pension account, use the Pension reinvestment form and follow the steps above.