Lost super

Super often becomes "lost" when a fund member changes their name, address, joins a new fund or simply switches jobs. Once a super fund loses all contact with a member for long enough, they are required by law to transfer that member's money to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or an Eligible Rollover Fund (ERF) depending on the circumstances under which the funds were lost.

Help me find my super

Media Super can use your Tax File Number (TFN) to search for other super accounts you may have lost. Simply log in to your Media Super account, register your TFN, and perform a search to find any of your lost super. This is a free, no obligation search function for lost and unclaimed super accounts. 

You can easily consolidate your funds* – the search takes less than two minutes and will generally receive your money in your Media Super account in three business days.  

Please note the online 'Find my Super' functionality is currently unavailable as the ATO has disconnected the service for all superannuation funds. You can still find lost super accounts through your myGov account. More information is available on the blog. 

Advanced searches:

The next step is to search for super at ASIC database. 

You can always contact your old fund directly, which is often the quickest way to locate any lost money in your name.

Lost members

A Media Super member is regarded as a ‘lost member’ if the member is:

  • uncontactable – this means that:

    1. Media Super has never had a postal or email address for you, Media Super has made one or more attempts to contact you at your last known address (or addresses);

    2. Media Super believes, on reasonable grounds, that you are no longer contactable at any address known to it; and

    3. No contributions or rollovers have been paid into your account within the last 12 months of your Fund membership; or

  • inactive – you were a standard Employer-sponsored member when you joined the Fund, you have been a member of the Fund for longer than two years, and no contributions or rollovers have been paid into your account within the last five years of your Fund membership;


  • within the last two years of your Fund membership, we have verified that your address is correct and have no reason to believe that the address is now incorrect; or

  • you are permanently excluded from being a lost member.

All super funds regularly provide the ATO with a ‘lost’ members report. The ATO maintains a register of these members. You can see if you are registered as a lost member, either at www.ato.gov.au/super using the SuperSeeker feature, or by contacting 131 020.

Unclaimed money

Media Super is required to transfer your account balance to the ATO as unclaimed super if:

  • you are a departed temporary resident, at least six months have passed since the later date of your visa expiring or your departure from Australia, you are not currently the holder of a temporary, permanent or prescribed visa, and you are not an Australian or New Zealand citizen and have not made a valid application for a permanent visa; or

  • you have reached age 65 or more, we have not received an amount for you in the last two years, and after a period of five years since we last had contact with you, we have been unable to contact you again after making reasonable efforts; or

  • you are a lost member, and either:

      • the balance of your account is less than $6,000; or

      • your account has been inactive for a period of 12 months or more, and we are satisfied that it will never be possible to pay an amount to you; or

  • in the event of your death, we have not received an amount for you in the last two years, and we cannot ensure that your benefit is received by your beneficiaries after reasonable searches by us.

If your account balance is transferred to the ATO, you will no longer be a member of Media Super. As a result, you will not earn investment returns with Media Super, and any applicable insurance cover obtained through Media Super will cease.

If your account balance has been transferred to the ATO, you can apply to the ATO to claim your benefit. The ATO can be contacted on 131 020.

Read more about lost and unclaimed super in the Additional Information about your Super Guide


*Before making a decision to combine your superannuation, you should consider any penalties such as exit fees, change to insurance cover or loss of benefits that may apply and, if necessary, consult a qualified financial adviser.