Upper Middle Bogan (Series 3)

Two families living at opposite ends of the freeway. Bess Denyar is a doctor with a posh mother and father, when she finds out that she is adopted, Bess is stunned, but even more so when she meets her birth parents. 

Release date: 3 August 2016

Starring: Christiaan Van Vuuren, Rachel House, Nicholas Boshier

Director: Various

Writer: Various

The Changeover

A supernatural thriller about a troubled teenager who must change over and become a witch in order to save her little brother from an ancient spirit.

Release date: 28 September 2017

Starring: Lucy Lawless, Melanie Lynskey, Timothy Spall

Director: Miranda Harcourt and Stuart McKenzie

Writer: Margaret Mahy (novel), Stuart McKenzie (adaptation)

Newton’s Law

The 'Upstairs Downstairs' of legal dramas follows Josephine Newton as she juggles the high-powered barrister's world of Knox Chambers and the haphazard legal tangles of her former solicitor's office.

Release date: 9 February 2017

Starring: Claudia Karvan, Toby Schmitz, Georgina Naidu

Director: Various

Writer: Various 

Soul Mates (Series 2)

A bromance for the ages, Soul Mates is the story of two kindred spirits trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth. Across different lifetimes with no knowledge of their past lives, they are forever drawn together as mates.

Release date: 3 August 2016

Starring: Christiaan Van Vuuren, Rachel House, Nicholas Boshier

Director: Various

Writer: Various

Emo The Musical

Ethan, a sullen high-school student whose life is defined by what he hates, finds love with a blindly optimistic Christian girl Trinity, much to the annoyance of his angst-filled band mates and her evangelistic brethren.

Release date: 13 August 2016

Starring: Benson Jack Anthony, Jordan Hare, Rahart Adams 

Director: Neil Triffett

Writer: Neil Triffett

Pork Pie

Pork Pie tracks the escapades of a trio of accidental outlaws as they travel the length of the New Zealand in a yellow mini, protesting conformity and chasing lost love, with a posse of cops and a media frenzy hot in their pursuit.

Release date: 4 May 2017

Starring: Dean O'Gorman, James Rolleston, Ashleigh Cummings 

Director: Matt Murphy

Writer: Matt Murphy


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