At Media Super we’re confident we’ve got a good, solid script for investing your super to maximise your returns over the long-term – and we’re sticking to it!

Investment markets go through cycles, as the past financial year has shown.

We saw a Chinese stock market crash which led to falls in other global markets early in 2016, commodity prices (including oil and iron ore) fell, and in late June further stock market falls in response to the British referendum.  


With the new financial year come and gone, it’s a good time to make sure your pension is still on track. If you haven’t reviewed your pension strategy in over 12 months, it’s worth making sure your financials are still keeping up with your lifestyle. 

We recommend that you talk with one of our Financial Planners* to make sure you’re still on track, or call our Helpline Advisers# for limited advice over the phone. 

The impact of the Brexit on your investment returns

On Thursday 23 June, the UK held a referendum on whether it should remain in or leave the European Union (EU).  Ahead of the vote there was uncertainty and understandable concern about the impacts on global share markets and the flow-on effects to super and pension accounts. 

Following the result in favour of the ‘Leave’ vote on Friday 24 June, most global share-markets have fallen and the British Pound has weakened significantly. 

Investment update

As the end of the financial year draws near and share markets continue to fluctuate, you’re probably wondering what your super or pension returns might be this year.   

After the sharp US market falls in January (the worst in six years), which continued through to mid-February, global equity markets took a collective breather. Now in late April, we’ve seen much of the losses from early January and February recovered, with global markets generally trading higher than they were at the end of 2015. 

Investment worries? Don't panic!

With the economic situation in Greece and fluctuations in sharemarkets around the world, we understand you may be concerned about your super.  

Here’s why you shouldn’t be: super is a long-term investment. 

While recently there’s been a great deal of media coverage about the situation in Greece, it’s important to note the issue has actually developed over a number of years and is not a sudden crisis. 


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