After 12 months of ‘sweat, blood and tears’, Taylor Dent has become a regular sports reporter on Channel Nine’s daytime bulletins. He tells us how he took his chances with both hands. 

Taylor wasn’t planning on a career as a sports reporter. Far from it. In fact, he was studying law at university when a friend suggested he apply for a holiday job at Channel Nine. ‘They get people in for every Commonwealth and Olympic Games to log everything that happens,’ he explains. ‘Then when the reporters arrive in the morning they can use the clips in their show.’


When Naomi Lisner’s marriage ended, she made the decision to never let anything hold her back again, especially age and gender. Now, after a lifetime of acting, she’s writing her own screenplays and has just made her directorial debut with Hannah Rosenthal, a short film she might also turn into a feature film or TV series.


From starting out acting in prep, to starring in Muriel’s Wedding The Musical, Michael Whalley tells us why he’s never rested on his laurels.

Michael’s first foray into acting came when he was just five years old, playing the part of Captain Bumble in a five minute presentation to his school. Since then, he’s completely immersed himself in his craft, playing a diverse variety of roles along the way.

Changing film and TV from within – Joy Hopwood

Melbourne filmmaker Joy Hopwood has been advocating for diversity in film and TV for over 20 years. Now, not only is she noticing a positive change towards fair representation in the industry, she’s just made her first feature film that tackles the subject head on.

We asked Joy where her drive and passion began:

‘One day, whilst doing Drama and Television at university, I was with a group of enthused drama children – a lot of whom were multicultural – and I asked them, “What would you like to do in the future?”.

A rising star of print, look to the future

Racheal Alcorn, newly crowned Young Executive of The Year at the 2017 Media Super National Print Awards, tells us how she got to where she is, and why she’s excited about the future.

In the short time she’s worked in print, Racheal has already turned her hand to several areas of the industry, and it’s a path that seems to be paying dividends.

#kickingyourgoals 2017 competition

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At Media Super we want to help you achieve your retirement goals, and we love to celebrate the achievements and successes of our community. So we’re asking all of you tell us if you’ve been #kickingyourgoals in the past year! It can be a big goal such as landing your dream job, achieving a personal best or anything that you worked hard for and was special to you.  

From the 15th century to the 21ST IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE

After nearly 40 years, former Namoi Valley Independent newspaper owner, Rod Coe is washing the last ink stains from his fingers and heading out to the golf course.

The Gunnedah-based bi-weekly hired local boy Rod in 1971, fresh from a brief stint at the local meat works. The popular community newspaper needed an apprentice hand and machine compositor, allowing Rod to get out of his blooded boots and into an industry on the cusp of major changes.


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