Why Media Super?

If you're in the business of being creative, Media Super is the fund for you.

Benefits for your employees

We’re here to help our members build their retirement savings and provide pensions for them in retirement. As members of Media Super, your employees or their beneficiaries may receive any one of a number of benefits from the fund. 

These include:

  • A lump sum retirement benefit
  • A lump sum resignation benefit
  • A retirement pension benefit
  • A transition to retirement pension benefit
  • A total and temporary disablement benefit paid as a pension*
  • A total incapacity benefit paid as a lump sum or pension*
  • A terminal medical condition benefit paid as a lump sum or pension*
  • A death benefit paid to the member’s beneficiaries as a lump sum or pension*

* May include an insured component. If the benefit includes an insured component, the member must satisfy the conditions in the insurance policy and the Insurer must pay the benefit to the Trustee before the insured benefit becomes payable to the member.

You can also choose to provide an Employer-selected insurance cover arrangement for your employees.

For more information about how Media Super membership works for your employees, download our brochure 'Super made easy for creative people'.

Regular updates

It can be hard to keep track of all the changes to the superannuation rules and regulations. That’s why we provide regular updates through our website, fact sheets and ‘Super News for Business’ email newsletter to keep you in the know.

If you have questions about super, our Business Development Managers are always available to help, and they can even provide tailored workplace education services for your staff.

Be a part of our community

As a Media Super employer, you're part of our community. Let us share your company story. Visit mediasuper.com.au/super-for-creative-people to find out how you can get involved.