Choosing an investment option

Choosing the right investment option to suit your needs

Everyone's investment needs are different and they may change throughout your life. Your investment choices can have a significant impact on your super balance when you retire.

But most of us aren't investment experts, so how do you know which investment option is right for you?

Choosing an investment option

Factors to consider

The investment choice that suits you will depend on your personal circumstances. The following are important factors to consider when making an investment choice:

  • Your age and investment time frame – how long before you retire and want to access your super savings? Generally, when you’re younger, you may want to invest in growth options as you have a longer investment time frame and usually can afford to take more risk. As you get older, you may gradually move to more conservative investments aimed at reducing volatility and preserving your balance.
  • How much control you want – you can take charge and make specific investment decisions, or you can leave it to us. Media Super has a range of pre-mixed and single asset class investment options, as well the Direct Investment option.
  • Your risk profile – how much investment risk are you comfortable with and willing to tolerate?

You should also consider the investment performance for each of our investment options before making a choice.

The Investment Guide has full details for each of our investment options, including a recommended investment time frame and risk information. You'll find more info about investment risk at the end of this page.

What type of investor are you?

Understanding your attitude towards risk and return (your 'risk profile') is an important step in making an investment choice.

Use the 'What type of investor are you?' questionnaire in your online account to help you figure out your risk profile, or call the Helpline on 1800 640 886 and one of our Helpline Advisors* can take you through process.

Your risk profile will then help when you're comparing investment options in the Investment Guide.

It's always a good idea to speak to our team before making an investment decision – whether you just want to confirm your choice, have a few questions or want more detailed advice, our team is here to help.

Why the Balanced (MySuper or pension) option may be the right choice for you

If you haven't made a specific investment choice, you will be invested in Media Super's Balanced (MySuper or pension) investment option. Depending on your needs, it may be the right option for you – in fact, the majority of Media Super members are invested in the Balanced option.

Our super and pension Balanced options both have strong long-term performance and low fees, with a well diversified portfolio that has continued to perform well through tough and uncertain times.

How to make an investment choice

When you first join, you can make an investment choice by using the investment choice form in your application pack.

If you join online or you're an existing Media Super member, you can easily change your investment options through your online account. Simply log in using your member number and password, then head to the 'Investments' page and follow the prompts.

You can also change your investment options by completing the super or pension Investment choice form.

Timing and fees for making an investment switch

Your investment switch will usually be processed on the Wednesday following the week it is submitted. Once a request to change your investment option(s) is received by Media Super, it can't be withdrawn.

If for any reason updated unit prices are not available on the Wednesday, your switch will be processed on the first subsequent business day that updated unit prices become available. The unit price on the day your switch is processed will be applied.

A small service fee of $30 applies for each investment switch.

The switch fee is waived if your first change is received within 30 days of joining Media Super, or if you are only changing your investment options for future contributions.

The switch fee will be deducted from your Media Super account:

  • Pension members – on the effective date of your switch
  • Super members – at the end of the month following the switch

Can I investment my future contributions differently to my existing account balance?

Yes. You can select one investment strategy for your existing account balance and another for future contributions paid to your account.

Please note, this only applies for super members.

Can I invest a single contribution differently?

Yes. In certain circumstances you make a 'one-off' investment mix selection to apply to specific contribution.

Please call the Helpline on 1800 640 886 to find out more and obtain a copy of the relevant form.

Understanding investment risk

Like any other investment, super is subject to risk. Investment risk refers to the likelihood that your investment could lose money or not make as much as expected.

Risk and return are linked.

To achieve higher investment returns, you must be willing to take on higher risk. For example, while shares and property historically offer higher long-term returns than cash, they also expose you to higher levels of risk, particularly in the short term.

But by choosing low risk investment options only, there is also the possibility that you may not earn enough investment returns over your lifetime to provide you with your desired retirement lifestyle.

Generally, you can invest in higher risk investment options when you're younger, as you have time to recoup losses; and it's wise to gradually lower your investment risk as you get older and enter retirement.

For a detailed explanation of the various types of risk involved with investing, please see the Investment Guide.