Choosing an investment option

Choosing the right investment option to suit your needs

Everyone's investment needs are different, and they may change throughout your life. Your investment choices can have a significant impact on your super balance when you retire.

But most of us aren't investment experts, so how do you know which investment option is right for you?

Choosing an investment option

Factors to consider

The investment choice that suits you will depend on your personal circumstances. Below are important factors to consider when making an investment choice:

  • Your age and investment time frame – how long before you retire and want to access your super savings? Generally, when you’re younger, you may want to invest in growth options as you have a longer investment time frame and usually can afford to take more risk. As you get older, you may gradually move to more conservative investments aimed at reducing volatility and preserving your balance.
  • Your retirement goals – how much super do you need to live your desired retirement lifestyle? If you're aiming for more lavish lifestyle, you may want to consider a higher growth investment option (as well as making extra contributions).
  • How much control you want – you can take charge and make specific investment decisions, or you can leave it to us. Media Super has a range of Pre-mixed and DIY investment options.
  • Your risk profile – how much investment risk are you comfortable with and willing to tolerate?

You should also consider the investment performance for each of our investment options before making a choice.

The Investment Handbook has full details for each of our investment options, including a recommended investment time frame and risk information. You'll find more information about investment risk at the end of this page.

Why the Growth (MySuper) option may be the right choice for you

If you haven't made a specific investment choice, you will be invested in the default Growth (MySuper) investment option. Depending on your needs, it may be the right option for you.

The Growth (MySuper) investment option has performed strongly over the long-term with a well-diversified portfolio that has continued to perform through tough and uncertain times.

How to make an investment choice

When you first join, you can make an investment choice by using the Investment choice form.

If you join online or you're an existing Media Super member, you can easily change your investment options through your online account. Simply log in using your member number and password, then head to the Investments page and follow the prompts.

You can also change your investment options by completing the  Investment choice form.

Changing investment options

If you’re considering changing how your super is invested, it’s important to think long term.

In times of higher share market volatility, it may be tempting to invest your super in lower risk options to try to minimise losses over the short term. However, reacting to short-term changes may reduce your super balance over the long term.

So while monitoring your investment performance is important, frequent switching between options may not benefit you in the long run.

Before you change how you invest your super, it’s important to understand the range of investment options available, your investment time frame and the impact of changing investment options.

How do I change my investment options?

You can move your balance between Pre-mixed and DIY investment options at any time.

Log into your account, if you’re not registered you can do that there too or contact us today, or fill in the Investment choice form found here and post or email it to Media Super.

Understanding investment risk

To build your wealth over the long term, you need to take some risk.

Different types of investments carry different levels of risk, depending on the type of assets that you are invested in and the timeframe.

Generally, the more risk you take with your investments, the greater the potential for higher long-term returns. The lower the risk you take, the lower the likely long-term return.
For a detailed explanation of the various types of risk involved with investing, please see the Investment handbook.

Not sure which option is right for you?

Our team can help you decide which investment option, or mix of options, suits your needs.