Applying for the Age Pension

What is the age pension?

The Centrelink Age Pension is an income support payment that helps give older people a sufficient standard of living in retirement.

Applying for the age pension

Eligibility for the Age Pension

Like superannuation-based pensions, you must meet minimum age requirements to receive the Age Pension. Your eligibility for the Age Pension also depends on the value of the assets you own, the income you earn, and other individual circumstances.

Can the age pension supplement an existing pension?

Generally, you may still be able to receive the Age Pension along with your Media Super pension. However, it is important to note that:

  • the balance of your super account may count toward the Centrelink assets test, and
  • any payments you receive from your super pension may be considered in the Centrelink income test.

As the rules can be quite complex, we recommend you seek advice from a financial adviser before commencing a Media Super pension.

Maximum Age Pension payments

The maximum pension rates payable under the Age Pension are summarised below. Your eligibility for the Age Pension and your applicable rate will depend on your own individual circumstances.

Total per fortnightTotal per year


Couple combined$1297.40


Effective 3 July 2020. Payment rates are adjusted on 20 March and September each year.

Visit Centrelink for current rates and more information.

How to apply for the Age Pension

Applications for the Age Pension are handled via Centrelink. You'll need to supply a range of information and documentation, including:

  • your age and identity
  • your bank account details
  • your tax file number
  • proof of your Australian residence, if you’ve lived outside Australia
  • if you’re a member of a couple
  • your income and assets.

Detailed information on the Age Pension application process can be found on the Centrelink website.

Need help applying for the Age Pension?

Many retirees find the process of applying for the Age Pension to be complicated or frustrating. We understand the importance of the Age Pension to our members, so we've partnered with Retirement Essentials, who can make applying for the Age Pension much easier.

By applying for the Age Pension with Retirement Essentials, you'll:

  • Go through a simple online process
  • Attend only one, planned, stress-free visit to Centrelink
  • Receive support from Age Pension specialists throughout your application process

Learn more about Retirement Essentials

Speak to a financial planner

A financial planner can help you create a complete retirement solution by exploring the Age Pension and how other benefits from Centrelink work, and what can be done to maximise these.

Call the Helpline on 1800 640 886 and our team will connect you with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER* (CFP®).

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