Whether you’re freelance, full-time or contract, we can help you grow your super throughout your working life so you can enjoy a comfortable and secure retirement.

At Media Super, we're committed to supporting our members throughout their working lives and retirement. We've been working with the print, media, entertainment and arts industries for more than 30 years and can you help you understand the complex world of super and how best to grow your retirement savings based on your unique circumstances.

  • Why join

    Why join Media Super?

    We’re the only super fund dedicated to the print, media, entertainment, arts and creative industries. We have a proven track record of strong returns and low fees, and a unique understanding of your needs. Find out more about the benefits of joining Media Super.

  • Understanding super

    Understanding Super

    Navigating your super can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. From the basics to making extra contributions, to tax and beneficiaries – you have questions, we have answers.

  • Ways we can help

    Ways we can help

    It's our job to ensure you have the information you need to manage your super effectively, so you can work towards a comfortable and happy retirement. That's why we provide a wide range of services, tools, resources, and advice for our members.


How do we compare?

We deliver strong returns to our members over the long term, with our Balanced (MySuper) investment option returning, on average, 8.43% p.a. since inception. Add to this our low fees, cost-effective insurance cover and unique understanding of your industries and you’ve got a formula for super success.

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Rebuild your super

Did your super take a hit due to COVID-19?

You're not alone. Many Australians accessed their super early or had a break in super contributions.

When you're ready, there are simple steps you can take now and over your working life to rebuild and boost your super balance. No matter your age, you can get your retirement savings back on track.

Find out how