Retirement advice and resources

Planning for retirement doesn't have to be complicated. With our services, resources and tools, you can get the information and help you need to plan a retirement that works for your specific goals and circumstances.

Retirement advice and resources

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We understand that planning for your retirement can be a complex and difficult process. That’s why we provide a range of financial advice services, tools and resources to help you find your way to a comfortable retirement.

It’s our job to help you make the most of your retirement income, which includes providing you with the right advice no matter which stage of life you're in.

Call our Helpline

Our Helpline Advisors* can provide you with projections of how long your retirement income is likely to last and talk through your investment options to help you find the one that’s right for you.

If you need more complex advice they’ll connect you with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER# (CFP®).

When every dollar counts, speaking to a licensed professional can be critical to ensuring your retirement plan is sound. Remember, it doesn't matter whether your questions are simple or complex, it always pays to speak to someone before you make a decision regarding your financial future.

Call our helpline on 1800 640 886. Available between 8am and 7pm (AEST/AEDT) on weekdays.

Speak to a financial planner

If you need more complex advice, make an appointment with an accredited CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®). They can help you understand your options, review your situation, and help guide you towards a complete retirement solution, including the Age Pension and other Centrelink benefits.

Call the Helpline on 1800 640 886 and our team will connect you with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER* (CFP®).

The financial planner can offer you advice on a fee-for-service basis. Your first meeting is at no cost and any fees for advice will be agreed with you in advance. The fee you pay will depend on the complexity of your situation and the advice you need.

You'll receive a written quote from the financial planner, which you’ll need to sign before you can proceed with the service.

You may be eligible to have your advice fees deducted directly from your Media Super account if the advice you receive relates to your superannuation arrangements with Media Super.

Tools, calculators and resources

Our resources and online calculators are designed to help you better understand and plan for your retirement savings strategies. Estimate your super potential at retirement, plan a budget and more.

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Retirement income simulator

How much super are you likely to have when you retire? How long will your super last once you start drawing it down as a pension? Our retirement income simulator can help you find out.

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Attend a retirement planning seminar to learn about your retirement income options, super pensions and strategies to make the most of your super in retirement.

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Help applying for the Age Pension

Many people find the process of applying for the Age Pension to be so complicated or frustrating they simply give up. We understand the importance of the Age Pension to our members, so we've partnered with Retirement Essentials who can make applying for the Age Pension much easier for you.

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* Helpline Advisers providing general or limited advice are representatives of Mercer Outsourcing Australia Pty Ltd (MOAPL) ABN 83 068 908 912, AFS Licence 411980

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