Transition to Retirement (TTR) Income Stream

Due to Media Super merging with Cbus, Media Super Pension accounts have closed and been moved to a Cbus Super Income Stream.

We appreciate change can bring uncertainty. Please be assured all practical pension product options were scrutinised for benefits and the need to act in the best financial interests of our members.

For members with an existing Media Super Pension account, your benefits have been transferred to a new Cbus Super Income Stream and will continue to provide you with a regular pension payment. You will also enjoy additional benefits, such as:

  • Fortnightly payments in addition to monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly options
  • Additional flexibility on how payments are drawn down from investments
  • Retirement Spending Planner and Cbus Advice Team.

Named Money Magazine’s Best Pension Fund for 2022, you’re in great hands with Cbus.

The information on this web page relates to the Cbus Super Income Stream (SIS)

A Cbus Transition to Retirement (TTR) income stream enables you to access your super while you're still working.

With a Cbus Transition to Retirement (TTR) account you can access your super through a super income stream while you’re still working.

To be eligible, you need to be between preservation age and 65 years. While you’re working, any super contributions will continue to be paid into your accumulation super account.

Transition to retirement

Understanding the benefits

There are two key ways to use a TTR income stream. The benefits of each strategy (including any tax savings) will always depend on your personal circumstances

You can use a TTR income stream to:

Work Less

Work part-time and use an income stream to supplement your income

Learn more in the Transition to Retirement fact sheet (PDF).

Save More

Work full-time and use a TTR income stream to provide some or all of your income. You could then salary sacrifice more of your wages into your accumulation super account, providing potential tax savings.

Getting Started

You can start a TTR income stream today by transferring some of your super to an account-based pension.

Keep in mind that you must have at least $10,000 of super money to invest, and will need to keep your super account to continue to receive your employer's contributions or make your own.

Taking the time to calculate your salary sacrifice amounts and pension payments can provide super benefits without significantly reducing your take-home pay.

The benefits you can achieve will depend on your salary, the income you need to meet your lifestyle needs, the amount in your super account, and your age. It's always a good idea to seek professional advice to understand if a TTR income stream is for you.

We can help you work out if a TTR income stream is right for you

Call and speak with an adviser today. It’s at no additional cost and our advisers can help you understand your options, what you need to consider before making any changes and provide a personal recommendation on topics like which investment option to choose, super contributions or starting a Super Income Stream.

Advice Services are ready to take your call from 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday (AEDT/AEST), Call us on 1800 640 886 (option 4) to get the ball rolling.