Investment options to suit your needs - now and in the future

Everyone’s investment needs are different based on our own financial and personal situation, retirement goals and timeframe.

That’s why we offer a range of different investment options that cater to a variety of investment goals.

If you don’t make a choice, you will be invested in the Growth (MySuper) option. This is the default investment option, providing strong long-term returns and competitive fees.

Your investment options

Pre-mixed options

The Pre-mixed investment options are invested across a diverse range of asset classes. This includes shares, property, infrastructure, global credit, fixed interest and cash. How much we invest in each asset class depends on each option’s investment objective.

You can choose from the following Pre-mixed options:

  • Growth (MySuper)
  • High Growth
  • Growth Plus
  • Indexed Diversified
  • Conservative Growth
  • Conservative.

DIY options

Asset class based investment options allow you to invest in specific asset classes.

You can choose from the following DIY options:

  • Overseas Shares
  • Australian Shares
  • Property
  • Diversified Fixed Interest
  • Cash.

Choosing an investment option right for you

Most of us aren't investment experts, so how do you know which investment option is right for you?

Our Investment Handbook is a great place to start. It steps you through factors to consider, including setting your goals, understanding risk and diversification.

Full details of each investment option are available in the Handbook

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