Nominate who gets your super when you die

Your super cannot be included in your Will unless you've specified certain instructions with your super fund first. Find out how to nominate beneficiaries for your super death benefit and the essential differences between binding and non-binding nominations. It's never too early to take control over how your super benefits will be distributed when you die.

Who gets your super when you die

In the event of your death, your super fund must pay out the balance of your super account and any insurance benefits.

Your eligible beneficiaries might include your spouse (including de facto and same-sex partners), your children, anyone financially dependent on you, or your legal personal representative.

It's important to know your super account can't be included in your Will unless you've specified certain instructions with your super fund first.

There are two types of nominations you can make to ensure your retirement savings benefit the people you want them to: binding, and non-binding.

Binding and non-binding nominations

A binding nomination is a binding direction in writing from you to your super fund that tells them to pay any death benefit to your nominated beneficiaries.

Contrary to its name, a binding death benefit nomination only lasts three years before it lapses. If you decide to make a binding nomination, it's your responsibility to keep the nomination up to date.

Your super fund can and should let you know when a nomination is about to expire. In the instance that you forget to renew a nomination, it will lapse and become non-binding.

Under a non-binding nomination, the trustee of your fund gets the final say over who receives your super death benefit. They'll usually take your nomination of beneficiaries into account but are not bound to follow it.

How to make nominations

When you die, you won't have any control over what happens to your super, so it's crucial to make the right beneficiary arrangements now.

Check those you are nominating are eligible and make sure your super fund offers beneficiary arrangements that you're comfortable with.

A binding nomination must be made in writing using the Binding death nomination form (Super). It can be changed at any time, but must be reviewed and renewed every three years.

A non-binding nomination can be made or adjusted online by logging into your account or in writing using the Non binding beneficiary nomination form.

If you are already retired, find out about nominating beneficiaries for your pension account.