The right investment choice can significantly boost your retirement savings, that's why we provide options to meet your individual needs. Understand your options, our performance and how we invest your money.

  • Your investment options

    Your investment options

    Media Super's range of investment options let you choose the right mix to suit your needs now and in the future.

  • Choosing an investment option

    Choosing an investment option

    Everyone's investment needs are different and they may change throughout your life. Let us help you figure out which investment option is right for you.

  • Our fund performance

    Our fund performance

    Find out about the current and past performance of your Media Super super or pension account.

  • Investment fees

    Investment fees

    Understand the investments fees for each of out investment options, what the fee includes and how it is charged.

  • My super dashboard

    MySuper Dashboard

    The MySuper dashboard helps you compare Media Super's Balanced (MySuper) option with other super funds' MySuper products. Find out how we compare.

  • How we invest your money

    How we invest your money

    Understand how Media Super's investment options are designed to achieve long-term investment objectives to help you build your retirement savings.

  • Giving back to our industries

    Giving back to our industries

    As an industry super fund, we're committed to supporting our industries, including through unique investments in local film and TV productions, and the ACO Instrument Fund.

  • Environmental and social governance

    Environmental, social and governance

    We understand our members have expectations not only about the investment outcomes we achieve for them, but also that we invest their money responsibly. Learn more about our approach to managing ESG across our investment porftolio.

Rebuild your super banner

Rebuild your super

Did your super take a hit due to COVID 19?

You're not alone. Many Australians accessed their super early or had a break in super contributions.

When you're ready, there are simple steps you can take now and over your working life to rebuild and boost your super balance. No matter your age, you can get your retirement savings back on track.

Find out how