Insurance options

Protect what really matters

Having the right insurance means you can rest easier. Because you know that if something happens and you can’t work, your plans won’t all go up in smoke. You and those closest to you will be looked after. And at the end of the day, that’s what really matters. Peace of mind 24/7, it's a good feeling.

Cover you can count on

Why have insurance through Media Super? Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Easy
    Most members can get cover automatically, with no health checks and no hassle

  • Flexible
    Everyone’s different, so you can change your cover to suit you

  • Affordable
    Our Fund size means affordable cover for you, paid from your super not your salary

  • Reliable
    In 2022/23 we paid $297 million in claims to 2,849 members and their families*.

  • Purpose-built
    We know your industry and cover jobs that other funds may not.

Types of cover

The following insurance guides will tell you what you need to know to get the right cover for you and your loved ones, wherever you are in life. So, it’s important you choose the right membership for your employment status and consider your personal circumstances and needs when deciding on what’s right for you.

  • Industry

    Industry Insurance

    Cover for people who are employed and have their employer paying their superannuation contributions into Media Super.

    Learn more about Industry Insurance

  • Sole Trader

    Sole Trader Insurance

    Insurance tailored for people who work as a sole trader and pay their own superannuation contributions.

    Learn more about Sole Trader Insurance

  • Personal

    Personal Insurance

    Cover for people who are not working and not receiving superannuation contributions from an employer.

    Learn more about Personal Insurance

  • Corporate

    Corporate Insurance

    Insurance offered through your employer. Your employer sets up your cover but you can tailor it.

    Learn more about Corporate Insurance

*Fund-wide claims for Cbus Super. Media Super merged with Cbus Super on 09 April 2022.

Need some help?

We’re here to help you make the best insurance choices for you and your family.