How we invest your money

Superannuation is a long-term investment. Even when you retire, the money in your pension account continues to be invested for decades. That's why Media Super's investment options are designed to achieve long-term investment objectives to help you build your retirement savings.

What am I invested in?

We offer a range of investment options to suit members' needs throughout their lives. These options have various exposures to growth and/or defensive assets.

Our pre-mixed investment options are already diversified across a variety of asset classes to provide members with different risk profiles and return objectives to suit their needs.

Growth vs defensive assets

Investments can generally be divided into two types – growth assets and defensive assets.

Growth assets
carry a higher risk but they can also deliver higher returns over the long term.

Defensive assets
generally carry less risk but also deliver lower returns over the long term.

However, some assets have both growth and defensive qualities and are allocated into both categories.

Media Super's investment options have different levels of growth and defensive assets to help us achieve different risk/return profiles.

Types of assets

The risk and return profile of each investment options is determined by the percentage allocated to different types of investments.

Media Super's investment options typically include investments in the following assets:

Growth assetsDefensive assetsAssets with Growth &
Defensive characteristics
Private Equity
Fixed Interest

Detailed information about asset classes is available in the Investment Guide.


Diversification lowers risk and helps achieve more stable returns over time. Within our pre-mixed investment options, we construct a benchmark (called a Strategic Asset Allocation) to determine the optimal level of exposure to different asset classes to achieve each options' investment objective.

For example, our High Growth and Stable investment options both include Australian Shares and Cash in their Strategic Asset Allocations (as well as other asset classes) but at very different levels. The High Growth option has an allocation of 40% to Australian Shares but only 2% to Cash; the Stable option only has an allocation of 9% to Australian shares but 25% to Cash.

Detailed information about asset allocations and risk/return profiles for Media Super's investment options is available in the Investment Guide.

Who manages your money

Media Super works with a number of investment managers, allowing us to access expertise and diversify our investment holdings. Some managers may hold individual investment in a single asset class, while others may manage several separate investment in the same asset class or separate investments in multiple sectors.

Full nameABN
Acorn Capital Limited51 082 694 531
Australian Chamber Orchestra Instrument Fund63 147 806 424
AMP Capital Investors Limited59 001 777 591
Archer Capital Pty Limited14 076 176 737
Barings Australia Pty Ltd34 140 045 656
Blackrock Investment Management (Australia) Limited13 006 165 975
Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.
Challenger Life Company Limited44 072 486 938
CHAMP Ventures 7 Management Pty Limited19 145 811 132
Continuity Capital Partners Pty Limited17 143 294 517
EG Funds Management Pty Ltd22 108 198 492
EQT Partners
Franklin Templeton Investments Australia Limited87 006 972 247
Fulcrum Media Finance Pty Ltd58 131 543 130
GLG Partners LP
ICE Canyon LLC
IFM Investors Pty Ltd67 107 247 727
Industry Super Holdings Pty Ltd71 119 748 060
Infrastructure Capital Group Limited85 094 815 513
Invesco Wholesale Growth48 001 693 232
ISPT Pty Ltd28 068 041 283
Lazard Asset Management Pacific Co.13 064 523 619
Macquarie Investment Management Limited46 008 583 542
Members Equity Bank Limited56 070 887 679
Media Super Limited30 059 502 948
Mercer Investments (Australia) Limited66 008 612 397
Oz Credit Opportunities Overseas Fund, L.P.
Paddington St Finance No 1 Pty Ltd57 616 642 945
Pendal Institutional Limited17 126 390 627
Pomona Australia Pty Ltd65 146 787 091
QIC Limited95 942 373 762
ROC Partners37 167 858 764
Siguler Guff & Company, LP
Stafford Private Equity Pty Ltd31 094 669 940
T. Rowe Price International Ltd84 104 852 191
WaveStone Capital Pty Limited80 120 179 419
Westbourne Credit Management Limited27 131 843 144
Wilshire Global Advisors Limited42 086 337 055
Yarra Capital63 005 885 567

Current as at 30 June 2021

Detailed information about which investment managers manage funds for each investment option, and how much, can be found in Media Super's annual reports.