How we invest your money

In this section you will find condensed listings of the companies in which we invest and other relevant information about underlying investments held by Media Super. We plan to soon provide a far longer list of the investments held by the Fund, updated regulary, so you can get some idea of where the overwhelming bulk of your retirement savings are invested.

It’s a lot of work to maintain an updated listing, but the Trustee Board of Media Super believes that you have a right to this knowledge and we have a responsibility to provide it.

We await guidance from the Government as to the level of detail and regularity of updates that will be required from all of our underlying Investment Managers.

The Media Super Investment Committee meets regularly throughout the year to discuss market developments and portfolio performance, and to review strategies and manager selection.

In this task, the Investment Committee is assisted by the Trustee’s internal investment team and advice from the Trustee’s external consultants. Media Super outsources its underlying investments to over 40 investment managers.

In the management of this configuration of external managers, the Fund continuously seeks new and better ways to invest members’ capital in order to control risk, minimise volatility and meet our investment targets.

Media Super is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). This PRI commitment provides a comprehensive structure for the Fund in its overall efforts to support sustainability in investing and deepen its capability for identifying and incorporating environmental, social and governance factors that can materially impact the risk and return profile of our overall investment portfolios.