Our fund performance

It's important to know how your super investments are performing.

Below is an explanation on how investment performance is reported and how crediting rates work.

In this section you will find an explanation of how short and long-term performance information for our full range of investment options is reported.

How we calculate and report investment performance (from 9 April 2022)

Investment earnings are calculated using crediting rates from 9 April 2022.

Crediting rates are the investment earnings after fees and tax are deducted, shown as a percentage for each investment option. Daily crediting rates give an estimated account balance. Daily crediting rates can go up and down as investment markets and asset values change.

The daily crediting rate is calculated the following business day and applies to account balances overnight. Crediting rates are compounded on a daily basis and this is what is used to estimate returns and the account balance. The account balance shown in the member portal will be an estimate of the account earnings.

Crediting rates are calculated up to 5 decimal places with crediting rates published on the website rounded to two decimal places.

Media Super publishes daily, monthly and financial year to date investment performance to help our members understand how their super savings are growing.

Annual investment earnings

Actual investment earnings are applied to accounts on 30 June each year and can be positive or negative. The only other times actual investment earnings will be applied to accounts is if a switch occurs or a full withdrawal is requested.

Calculating and reporting investment performance up to 8 April 2022

Media Super previously calculated and published weekly unit prices and indicative monthly investment performance for each investment option based on the valuations of the underlying investments of the particular option. Prior to the merger, account balances were calculated based on the number of units held in each option and the applicable unit price at the time of calculation, e.g. at 30 June for your annual statement.