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Find out how your super is performing

Media Super publishes daily, monthly and financial year to date investment performance to help our members understand how their super savings are growing.

When you're looking at investment performance, it's important to remember that superannuation is a long-term investment.

Financial markets can move up and down over shorter timeframes. You need to consider the longer term performance of an option over five to 10 years or more, not just the last month or one year.

Investment Performance

Super investment option performance to 30 April 2024 *

1 month %Financial Year to Date %1 year (%)3 years p.a. (%)5 years p.a. (%)10 years p.a (%)
Growth (MySuper)-1.49%6.76%7.60%4.96%6.53%7.75%
High Growth-1.97%8.70%10.33%6.15%8.26%9.18%
Growth Plus-1.65%7.63%8.83%n/an/an/a
Indexed Diversified-2.30%8.65%9.85%n/an/an/a
Conservative Growth^-1.08%5.61%5.93%3.36%4.78%n/a
Overseas Shares-3.09%13.06%16.78%n/an/an/a
Australian Shares-2.24%9.98%10.12%n/an/an/a
Diversified Fixed Interest-0.84%3.36%2.16%n/an/an/a

Media Super merged with Cbus on 9th of April 2022. The historical performance prior to this relates to Cbus’ investment options and does not incorporate the performance of Media Super investment options before April 2022.

* This table shows the most recent crediting rates (published monthly on or around 14 to 21 days following each months reporting period).

Please note, the Growth Plus, Indexed Diversified, Overseas Shares, Australian Shares, Property and Diversified Fixed Interest options commenced on 14 February 2022 therefore crediting rate information for longer time periods are not applicable.

Investment performance is based on the crediting rate, which is the return minus investment fees, taxes, and until 31 January 2020, the percentage-based administration fee. Excludes fees and costs that are deducted directly from members’ accounts. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

^ The Conservative Growth accumulation option commenced on 6 July 2017 therefore crediting rate information for longer time periods are not applicable.

If you have any questions about investment performance or you're considering making an investment switch, please call our Advice Services team who can provide advice on your investment choice within your Media Super account and discuss many other topics to do with your super. Contact us today

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