Fund performance

Find out about the current and past performance of your Media Super super or pension account.

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About investment performance

Unit prices are calculated weekly and indicative investment earnings calculated monthly for each investment option, based on the valuations of the underlying investments of the particular option.

Your account balance is calculated based on the number of units you hold in each option and the applicable unit price at the time of calculation, e.g. at 30 June for your annual statement. You can view a current valuation of your account, your number of units and transaction history at any time by logging into your online account.

Unless you are actively switching your investment choices, short-term fluctuations in unit prices may be essentially meaningless to your overall account balance. It is also worth remembering that lower unit prices mean that you may be purchasing more units per contribution if you make contributions at a set rate.

While Media Super's investment options are available to both super and pension members, investment returns on each option will vary due to the differing tax treatment of pension accounts.

Note: The Direct Investment option does not operate on a unitised basis. Performance figures are not available for the Direct Investment option as returns are dependent on each member’s investment choices within the option. For more detailed information on the Direct Investment option, read the Direct Investment Guide.