Prior to merging with Print Super in 2008 to form Media Super, JUST SUPER was the industry fund for Media, Entertainment and Arts professionals.

JUST - the Journalists Union Superannuation Trust - was first established in January 1987 following the introduction of superannuation clauses into industrial awards.

The 1992 amalgamation of the Australian Journalists Association with Actors Equity and the Australian Theatrical & Amusement Employees Association (ATAEA) to form the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) also saw the amalgamation of JUST with JEST - the Joint Entertainers Superannuation Trust. The new entity retained the JUST SUPER name but amended its full title to the Joint Union Superannuation Trust to better represent its core member industries.

Given the freelance or contract nature of many journalistic or entertainment-based assignments, JUST SUPER had a self-funded plan for self-employed, freelance and contract workers entitled to superannuation under an award or agreement, as well as the usual employer-sponsored division. An allocated pension division for retirees commenced in 2002.

As the MEAA expanded to incorporate the Symphony Orchestra Musicians Association (SOMA), NSW Artworkers Union, Screen Technicians Association of Australia (STAA) and a Professional Sports Branch was created, JUST SUPER’s industry representation also broadened.

With the introduction of Choice of Fund legislation in 2005, anyone dabbling in an arts-related industry could join, even if they made most of their money in another field of endeavour.

If you were a member of JUST SUPER and you haven't moved your super to a different super fund, you are now a member of Media Super.