Our story

Media Super is the industry super fund for print, media, entertainment and arts, and broader creative industries. For over 30 years we've been committed to helping our members achieve a comfortable retirement and providing support and advice throughout their working lives.

As an industry fund, we're run only to benefit members. That means profits go back to our members' accounts, helping to maximise your retirement savings. You can be confident knowing we're looking after our members' best interests, not anyone else's.

We're also committed to supporting our community of industries. We invest back into our member industries and partner with key industry organisations to support professional development and education programs. This helps create opportunities for emerging and established talent, celebrate excellence and helps our partners build vibrant, robust sectors.

While our roots are in print, media, entertainment and arts, we're a public offer fund. So, anyone can join and any employer can choose Media Super as their default fund, regardless of industry.

Our story

Our history

Media Super was formed in 2008 when Print Super and JUST Super merged.

Both Print and JUST Super were established in 1987. They were part of the first wave of industry super funds set up after the government introduced a mandatory 3% super requirement into workplace awards.

From the start, industry funds were overseen by the relevant workers' unions and employer groups. They worked together to help workers in their industries to achieve a better standard of retirement.

In 2021, Media Super and Cbus Super signed a merger agreement. . Whilst the Media Super brand remains intact, this is an important milestone in the fund’s history. The merger will bring together the two funds’ investment, administration and operational processes. This in turn will create more value for members and deliver on our joint mission, to deliver better retirement outcomes for members.

As they have done over 30 years, Media Super will continue to support members in the print, media, entertainment, and arts industries. The fund is always looking after members’ best financial interests and that is why Media Super chose to partner with a like-minded super fund.

Print Super

Print Super commenced in 1987 as an industry-linked fund with a single employer-sponsored division. This was a jointly sponsored arrangement between the Printing Industries Association of Australia (PIAA) and Printing & Kindred Industries Union (PKIU). Membership was limited to current and past employees of employers participating in Print Super and their spouses.

In 1995 PKIU merged with the Automotive Food Metals and Engineering Union to form the Automotive Food Metals Engineering Printing & Kindred Industries Union (AMWU). This saw Print Super’s sponsorship changing to include the new AMWU Printing Division.

An allocated pension product for retirees was introduced in 2001.

A public offer division, mychoice, was launched in December 2004 in anticipation of Choice of Fund legislation coming into effect on 1 July 2005. This allowed non-employer sponsored workers, which meant those employed in another industry and self-employed people could join the fund for the first time.

JUST Super

JUST, the Journalists Union Superannuation Trust, was first established in January 1987.

In 1992 the Australian Journalists Association merged with Actors Equity and the Australian Theatrical & Amusement Employees Association (ATAEA). This helped form the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) we know of today. That year also saw JUST merge with JEST, the Joint Entertainers Superannuation Trust. The new entity retained the JUST SUPER name but amended its full title to the Joint Union Superannuation Trust to better represent its member industries.

Given the freelance or contract nature of many journalistic or entertainment-based assignments, JUST SUPER created a self-funded plan to help these workers. They were entitled to superannuation under an award or agreement, as well as the usual employer-sponsored division. An allocated pension division for retirees commenced in 2002.

Each time the MEAA expanded its membership, JUST SUPER’s industry representation also broadened. From the Symphony Orchestra Musicians Association (SOMA), the NSW Artworkers Union, Screen Technicians Association of Australia (STAA). And even a Professional Sports Branch. The diversity of member was exciting to welcome.

With the introduction of Choice of Fund legislation in 2005, anyone dabbling in an arts-related industry could join. This even included those who made most of their money in another field.