Strong returns continue through February

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Markets rebounded and stabilised in February and Media Super is continuing to perform strongly for our members.

The Balanced super and pension options – in which most of our members are invested – are ranked second for the financial year and 12 months to 28 February 2019, according to SuperRatings.¹

Your investment returns

Our Balanced (MySuper) option returned 3.84%³ for the financial year to 28 February 2019, well ahead of the median return of 2.40%.¹

Over a rolling 12–month period the Balanced (MySuper) option returned 7.04%³ and is ranked as the second highest performing option, well ahead of the median return of 5.64%.¹

The pension Balanced investment option recorded 4.21%³ for the financial year to 28 February 2019, also well ahead of the median return of 2.87%.² The pension option is also performing well over 12 months, returning 7.79%³ compared to the median 5.64%.²

Media Super's Balanced options are well diversified across shares (Australian and international), property, infrastructure, fixed interest and cash investments, as well as various alternative investments, such as our Fulcrum film and television financing fund.

By investing in our Balanced investment option you also have added peace-of-mind knowing we have portfolio protection in place, a mechanism designed to reduce the impact of losses if share markets fall heavily, as they did numerous times throughout 2018. We are one of the few funds that has this type of protection in place.

Performance information is also available for our full range of super, transition to retirement and pension investment options.

2019 Outlook

Media Super continues to maintain a cautious outlook for 2019. We are closely monitoring the potential ramifications of Brexit, elections and impacts of a possible escalation of trade tensions around the globe on our investments.

Closer to home, a federal election may signal policy changes that could meaningfully impact certain sectors and asset classes (for better or worse). That said, economic fundamentals remain relatively healthy – employment remains strong, business profitability is ok, there is reasonable economic growth and relatively low inflation – which could help mitigate the impact of some of our concerns if they eventuate.

To navigate the potential risks ahead we've maintained our portfolio protection and increased the diversification and flexibility of our investment portfolio.

It's important to remember that short–term losses happen but super is a long–term investment and we are pleased that our three and five year results are also firmly in the top 25% of funds.¹

Looking ahead, we are confident our Balanced investment strategy is well positioned to continue meeting our long–term investment objectives for your super and pension.

We're here to help

We understand that some members may be concerned about the impact of share market fluctuations on their super or pension account balance.

If you are concerned or have any questions, please call our Helpline on 1800 640 886⁴ to talk through your concerns and your investment options.

1 SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SR50 Balanced options (60-76) Index, February 2019.

2 SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SRP50 Balanced options (60-76) Index, February 2019.

3 Investment returns are not guaranteed and past performance gives no indication of future returns.

4 Helpline Advisers providing general or limited advice are representatives of Mercer Outsourcing Australia Pty Ltd ABN 83 068 908 912, AFS Licence 411980.

Media Super has engaged Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS) ABN 54 007 016 195 AFSL No 232514 to facilitate the provision of financial advice to members of Media Super. Advice is provided by one of our Financial Planners who are Representatives of IFS. Fees may apply. Further information about the cost of advice is set out in the relevant Financial Services Guide, a copy of which can be obtained by calling IFS on 1300 138 848. IFS is responsible for any personal advice given to you by its Representatives.