Payments and administration

With Media Super, you can make your employee super contributions online with one of our easy to use and efficient payment platforms. 


Employer Portal is a secure online superannuation payment solution (clearing house) that gives you the ability to pay all of your employees’ super contributions through the one platform, regardless of their super fund.

Employer Portal is suitable for all employers with Media Super members, regardless of how many employees you have

With Employer Portal you’re also able to register multiple companies under the one user account. This allows you to pay contributions for multiple employers from a single account, and nominate to debit contribution payments from one bank account or from multiple bank accounts as recorded against each employer.

You can quickly and easily advise employee exits, new employees and contributions via a file upload, or choose to manually update employee details. And if you’re making payments for multiple employers, you only need to upload one data file to cover the multiple employers. 

Employer Portal has a flexible payment option, allowing you to pay via direct credit or direct debit. 

To register for Employer Portal, follow these quick steps

Already registered? Log in to Employer Portal

If you are a small business with less than 20 employees and you do not wish to use Employer Portal, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) provides a free clearing house to satisfy your SG obligations. You can register online for this service. For more information visit the ATO website or phone 1300 660 038.


MercerSpectrum is suitable for all employers with Media Super members, regardless of how many employees you have. This service offers employers a superannuation clearing house facility where Media Super is the default fund*. It allows you to make contribution payments to multiple funds, and update employee details in one transaction.

Just key in your employees’ super contribution details or upload a data file directly from your payroll system, then make the payments using one client-initiated direct debit.

Please note, from 29 March 2017 all new employers will need to register for Employer Portal. If you are already using MercerSpectrum, you will not be affected and can continue to make contribution payments. 


Employer Online will not be SuperStream compliant from 1 July 2017 and has been replaced with Employer Portal. 

You will no longer be able to make payment via Employer Online; however, you will be able to access contribution history and data for a six-month period from 29 March 2017. 

If you were previously using Employer Online you should have received correspondence regarding moving to the new system. If you had supplied your ABN, your employee and administration details have been moved to the new system. 

To access Employer Portal, visit the registration page and enter your ABN. Your email address will automatically populate. Check and update your details, then submit to complete your registration. 

You will then receive an email with a temporary password. Follow the directions in the email to access Employer Portal and start making contributions. 

If you had not supplied your ABN you will need to register for Employer Portal. You will need your ABN, bank details and employee data. 

We're here to help

If you have any questions about Employer Portal or MercerSpectrum or require assistance, please call our Employer Support Team on 1800 640 886 between 9.00am and 5.00pm (AEST/AEDT), Monday to Friday.

Stronger Super

As part of the suite of Stronger Super reforms being phased in by the Federal Government, new mandatory data standards apply to super transactions, including employer SG contributions. Employers will be required by law to use eCommerce systems when transacting with superannuation funds. Super funds will no longer be permitted to receive cheque contributions.

Both of Media Super's online eCommerce services meet the mandatory data standards prescribed under the Federal Government’s SuperStream reforms. 

If you are currently using paper remittances and you’d like assistance with transitioning to EmployerOnline or MercerSpectrum, please call our Helpline or arrange an appointment with your Business Development Manager.

For more information about SuperStream, including the deadlines for compliance, read our page Making sense of SuperStream or see our Stronger Super - Employer obligations fact sheet.