Important information for member applications

Important information to know before submitting your member application

You are applying to become a member of Media Super and acknowledge and agree that you:

  • Are bound by the Trust Deed and rules that govern Media Super
  • Have received all information which you require to exercise the choices you have made, and have received and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statements
  • Accept that the illustrations of risk and return shown in the PDS are based on assumptions which may or may not be borne out in practice
  • Understand that investment returns are not guaranteed and can be positive or negative
  • If you need assistance in relation to your application, you should seek advice from a licensed financial adviser.

And in relation to your privacy, you acknowledge and understand that:

  • Media Super collects personal information, including sensitive information such as health information, in order to: process applications for, and facilitate the provision of, its superannuation fund products and services; establish and maintain insurance cover; assess and process claims; and comply with its statutory obligations. Media Super may also collect non-sensitive personal information in order to send information about other products or services which may be of interest to you.
  • This information may be disclosed to third parties who assist Media Super in providing its products and services, including the Fund’s administrator, Mercer Outsourcing (Australia) Pty Ltd (Mercer), insurers, mail houses, professional advisers, identity verification services, other super funds and financial institutions to which a benefit may be paid. Some of these service providers may be located overseas, in countries including the UK, USA, New Zealand, Bermuda, Singapore or India.
  • For further details, including how to access or correct my personal information, or how to make a complaint about the way Media Super deals with your information, you can refer to Media Super’s Privacy Policy or Contact us.
  • You consent to your information being collected, disclosed and used in the manner set out in this form.
  • From time to time, Media Super may send its members communication material about products and services available to Media Super members. You understand that you may opt out from those communications in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

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