In the breakdown of assets underlying Media Super’s investment options, 'Cash' is referred to as 'Cash Australian domicile'. For details about the sector allocations of Media Super's investment options that include Cash, refer to the individual Options.

What are cash investments?

Investments in cash include money invested in term deposits or bank bills. Interest is earned on the cash invested. This is similar to having money in a bank account. Over the long term, cash is likely to produce the lowest return of all the main asset classes.

What are the risks of investing in cash?

The most significant risk that Media Super’s Cash portfolio is exposed to is interest rate risk, i.e. changes in interest rates impact the returns generated by the investment.

What cash investments is Media Super invested in?

All of Media Super's options have a cash component. Cash may be invested in bank bills or term deposits. Allocated uninvested funds and funds transacting through a custodial account are also held in cash.