Please note: Our range of PDS documents, forms and fact sheets are currently being updated, and while this transition takes place some documents are currently unavailable. The new documents will be available for download shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Use this section to find forms for managing your Media Super account. You can also manage many aspects of your account online by logging in to our member portal.

If you would prefer hardcopies of these documents, please contact us with your request.

Some forms require you to provide certified copies of supporting documents (e.g. proof of ID). A list of people who can certify documents is provided here.

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Use this form to tell your employer to pay your contributions into your Media Super account.

The Letter of Compliance, confirming that Media Super is a complying fund as required under the Choice of Fund legislation, can be found on the back of the Standard Choice Form.


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Use this form to transfer another superannuation account into Media Super.


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Use this form to enrol new employees who wish to join Media Super.

Updated July 2019.

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Use this form if you wish to become a participating employer of Media Super.

Updated 18 July, 2018.

Use this form to let us know if you wish to: start, stop or change your voluntary contributions.

Updated 18 July 2018

Use this form to let us know your tax file number - don’t pay more tax than you have to.

Updated July 2019.