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Convert your super savings to a flexible, tax-effective Media Super pension. You can choose your investment options, payment amount and frequency, and frequency to suit your needs.

Media Super offers two types of pensions:

A Retirement pension is designed to supplement your income from the Government Age Pension or any other financial investments you may have to help meet the costs of living after you retire. Your accumulated super is used to start a pension account which provides an income stream, and investment earnings on your account are entirely tax-free.

A Transition to Retirement Pension (sometimes referred to as a TTR pension or TTR strategy) works in the same way as any other pension, except that it cannot be cashed out as a lump sum until you are fully retired or reach a standard condition of release.Tax is paid on the investment earnings.

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Media Super pension members can choose from our large range of investment options, including a wide variety of pre-mixed and single asset class investment options, and a Direct Investment option for those who want to manage their investments themselves. Note that the returns on investment options differ between super and pension accounts due to the different tax treatment of pensions.

There are no start-up costs to start a Media Super pension. The same low fee structure applies to both super accounts and pensions.

Managing a Media Super pension account is easy with online account access. Change your investments, update personal details and more.

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