Account information

Media Super has two types of members:


Members of the Employer-sponsored division are those who receive contributions to super from their employer.

Your employer may have created an account for you as part of a default fund arrangement with Media Super, or you may have nominated Media Super to receive your contributions by notifying your employer of your choice of fund.


Members of the Personal division do not receive contributions from an employer but may still contribute on their own behalf. Many of our personal division members are employed under freelance or contract arrangements or may be self-employed.

You may choose to open a Personal account with Media Super even if you’re receiving employer contributions to another fund. This can be a clever way of managing any super you might receive from your side-projects if you’re unable to roll it into your main fund.


You will generally move between the two divisions as your employment circumstances change.

Your insurance arrangements vary depending on the type of member you are and any cover you or your employer may have selected on your behalf.