Early access to super applications

If your application through myGov for an early release payment is approved by the ATO, they will send you a confirmation and notify Media Super. We will generally process your payment within five business days. Read the full details about timing and info to check before applying.

Tax File Number collection statement

Tax File Number collection statement

By submitting this information, you understand and consent to your information being collected, disclosed and used in the manner set out in our Privacy Policy.

Your tax file number (TFN) is confidential and while you don't have to provide it, Media Super cannot process your application online without it.

Under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, super funds are authorised to collect your Tax File Number (TFN), to be used for lawful purposes. By providing your TFN, you're allowing the Trustee to be able to (but not limited to):

  • find or identify your super
  • work out any tax payable
  • pass your tax file number to the Australian Taxation Office when you receive your super payout or have unclaimed super money after reaching pension age
  • pass your tax file number to any other super fund or account to which your super is transferred in the future, unless you tell the Trustee in writing not to do so
  • report details of contributions to the tax office for working out whether any tax is applicable if contributions for you exceed certain limits
  • where required by law, pass your tax file number to other Government agencies.

If you don't provide your tax file number, now or later:

  • You may pay more tax on contributions made by your employer and certain other contributions made by or for you. In some circumstances, you may be able to claim this back, however time limits and other rules may apply.
  • The Trustee will only be able to accept contributions made for you by your employer; no other contributions, for example post-tax contributions (including personal contributions and some government contributions) can be accepted.
  • You may pay more tax on your super benefit than you would otherwise (although you can claim this back when you lodge your tax return).
  • It may be more difficult to find your super in the future if you change your address without notifying the Trustee, or if you rollover any other super accounts you may have.

The legal purposes for which the Trustee can use your TFN and the consequences for not quoting your TFN may change in the future.