Print Super

Prior to merging with JUST Super in 2008 to form Media Super, Print Super was the industry fund for employees in the printing, packaging, graphics and related industries.


Print Super was established in 1987 following the introduction of superannuation clauses into industrial awards.

Print Super commenced as an industry-linked fund with a single employer-sponsored division - a jointly sponsored arrangement between the Printing Industries Association of Australia (PIAA) and Printing & Kindred Industries Union (PKIU). Membership was limited to current and past employees of employers participating in Print Super and their spouses.

The 1995 amalgamation of the PKIU with the Automotive Food Metals and Engineering Union to form the Automotive Food Metals Engineering Printing & Kindred Industries Union - otherwise known as the AMWU - saw Print Super's sponsorship changing to include the new AMWU Printing Division.

An allocated pension product for retirees was introduced in 2001.

A public offer division, mychoice, was launched in December 2004 in anticipation of Choice of Fund legislation coming into effect on 1 July 2005. This allowed non-employer sponsored workers - those employed in another industry and self-employed people - to join the fund for the first time.

Devlin the Print Super devil made regular appearances with handy hints and tips in Print Super's communications materials.

If you were a member of Print Super and you haven't moved your super to a different super fund, you are now a member of Media Super.