Fraud reports in the news – No impact to Media Super members

Fraud reports

In the past few days there have been reports of superannuation accounts being impacted by fraud. While several Australian super funds have been affected, no Media Super members have been affected by the fraud activity currently being investigated.

Media Super and our administrator, Mercer, take the security of our members' retirement savings seriously and have robust security processes in place to keep our members' funds safe.

These measures include thorough identification processes over the phone, multifactor authentication processes to log in online, and encryption of sensitive documents sent electronically.

Ensuring our members' account security is also why we do not discuss account details or accept instructions on social media or by unsecured emails.

As technology evolves and security risks change, rest assured that our security measures will also evolve to keep our members' retirement savings secure.

Media Super and Mercer will continue to monitor the situation as the investigations continue.

It's important that members keep their details secure and do not share their password/PIN with anyone. Media Super will never ask you to tell us your password/PIN by email, mail, on the phone or in person.

If at any time you suspect your account has been accessed or you may be the victim of fraud, please contact the Helpline immediately on 1800 640 886.