Media Super brand remains

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Members can be confident the focus on their sectors across the Print, Media, Entertainment, Arts and broader creative industries remains as it has historically been following the merger with Cbus Super.

We keep our brand and our focus

Media Super is now a division of Cbus, which means we keep our brand, our focus and our investment in the industry, this includes:

  • The Fulcrum Media Finance investment, ensuring Australian stories continue to be told as well bringing new, diverse voices to our screens whilst supporting employment in the sector;
  • Investment in the Australia Chamber Orchestra's (ACO) Instrument Fund of historic stringed instruments;
  • Supporting professional development and networking programs, aimed at nurturing talent and skills, and helping members excel professionally.

Keep using the Media Super website to log in

The brand remaining also means that members and employers continue to use the Media Super website to log in to the Member and Employer Portals.

Employers making contributions will need to select the new Media Super division Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) - 75493363262002.

Read about the continuation of Media Super’s industry focus

The merger has brought together two funds with a strong history and with a like-minded commitment to enabling members in Cbus and in the Media Super division to maximise their super savings and retire with confidence in their financial wellbeing.

The Fund has an agenda to grow even further, providing members in the merged fund access to economies of scale, unlocking new investment opportunities, while lowering investment costs.

Cbus CEO Justin Arter was recently interviewed about the merger and continuation of Media Super’s industry focus in ProPrint magazine.

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