Tax file numbers

Superannuation contributions are subject to tax. Higher taxes apply where a member has not supplied their Tax File Number (TFN) to their superannuation fund.

Legislation requires that where a staff member has supplied their TFN to you, you must assume that they have given consent for you to supply it to their superannuation fund.

You must supply each new staff member’s TFN to us with your next contribution.

If a TFN is provided to you close to the date you make a contribution, you don't have to provide the TFN on the date you make the contribution - you have 14 days from the date you receive it to pass it on to Media Super. This only applies if there are less than 14 days between when you receive a TFN from an employee and the date you make the contribution on their behalf.

Failure to meet your TFN responsibilities is a serious offence and attracts penalties.

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Supply TFNs for new and existing staff via

  • your online account
  • your Employee Enrolment form
  • fax to 1800 246 707

You must respect the privacy of staff who quote their TFN to you.

Further information about privacy responsibilities can be obtained by calling the Privacy Commissioner on 1300 363 992.

Media Super keeps TFNs secure, and uses them only for approved purposes.