In the breakdown of assets underlying Media Super’s investment options, 'Opportunistic' is referred to as 'Other'. For details about the sector allocations of Media Super's investment options that include Opportunistic investments, refer to the individual Options.

what are opportunistic investments?

Opportunistic investments may be investments of any asset class that are likely to perform better than their usual profile on a risk adjusted basis. That is, they may be likely to offer better returns for a comparable measure of risk or less volatility than would usually be predicted of the asset class.

It includes investment prospects which may arise from market dislocation and which offer the opportunity for the Fund to enhance its excess return incrementally, but which are not appropriate for other investment classes (e.g. due to an unsuitable liquidity profile). The Fund may invest in many different investment structures, including hedge funds, which aim to deliver high returns that are expected to be above zero in most market environments.

Media Super's film and television investments are included in the Opportunitistic portfolio. These function like a traditional Fixed Interest asset class investment but offer a more stable return than a typical fixed interest portfolio.

what are the risks of investing in opportunistic?

As Opportunistic is a risk-defined class of investments, the risks involved in investing in Opportunistic will generally reflect the risks of the class that the investment would traditionally be considered under. These may vary according to the specifics of the investment.