How to make a choice

When choosing an investment option, take some time to consider your needs and circumstances, to ensure that you make the best choice for your situation.

How you invest your super can have a significant impact on your final super account balance.

What is the right choice for me?

The investment choice that suits you will depend on your personal circumstances, including

  • How much control you want - you can take charge and make the investment decisions, or you can leave it up to us.
  • Your investment timeframe - how long before you retire and want to access your investment?
  • Your risk profile - how much investment risk are you willing to tolerate?

You can use our "What type of investor are you?" risk profile questionnaire to find out what type of investor you are, or seek advice from a qualified financial planner. A financial adviser can develop an investment strategy for you that best meet your needs and circumstances.

How do I make a choice?

When you first join Media Super, you can select your investment option or mix of options using the Investment choice form.

If you are an existing member, you can login to your account to change your investment mix online or complete the Investment choice form.

If you don’t make a choice, your superannuation will be invested in the Balanced option.

Can I invest my future contributions differently to my existing account balance?

Yes. You can select one investment strategy for your existing account balance, and another strategy for future contributions paid into your account.

Can I invest a single incoming amount differently?

Yes - in certain circumstances, you can make a ‘one off ’ investment mix selection to apply to a particular amount only. Contact our Super Helpline on 1800 640 886 to find out more and to obtain a copy of the relevant form.

When will the change be effective?

Once a request to change your investment option(s) is received by Media Super, it cannot be withdrawn. Your switch will usually be processed on the Wednesday following the week it is requested. If for any reason updated unit prices are not available on the Wednesday, your switch will be processed on the first subsequent business day that updated unit prices become available. The unit prices on the day your switch is processed will be applied.

How much does it cost?

A small service fee of $30 applies for each investment switch.

The switching fee will be deducted from your account at the effective date of your switch (pension members) or at the end of the month following the switch (super members). The fee is waived if your first change is received by Media Super within 30 days of joining the Fund or if you are only changing your investment options for future transactions.

More information?

For more information about making an investment choice with Media Super, view the Investment Guide or contact us.