Pension investment options

We understand that members have different investment requirements. That's why Media Super allows you to select an investment strategy designed to assist you in achieving your retirement goals.

Media Super’s investment options provide you with the choice you need to create the best mix of investments to build a portfolio you’re comfortable with. The mix of options you choose should be determined by your investment objectives and profile.

Choose from our wide range of investment options

Unless you choose a different option or mix of options, your superannuation will be invested in the Balanced option.


Offers a range of asset classes to provide different risk/return profiles:


> Balanced (default)

> Indexed Balanced

> High Growth

> Growth

> Moderate Growth

> Stable

> Income Plus*









* Income Plus will be closing in early 2020, please consider this when choosing an investment option. Notification of the confirmed closure date will be available here in late 2019. Members invested in this option will be notified of their options accordingly.

Single asset class

Investment in a single specific asset class only:



> Australian Shares

> Passive Australian Shares

> Australian Small Companies

> Diversified Shares

> Overseas Shares

> Passive International Shares

> Hedged International Shares

> Emerging Markets Shares

> Sustainable Future Shares


Property and infrastructure

> Property

> Global Listed Property

> Global Listed Infrastructure



> Fixed Interest

> Cash


Direct Investment

Take control of your super and choose from:


> ASX300-listed companies

> Exchange Traded Funds

> Term deposits


This Direct Investment option allows you to take greater control and manage how your super is invested, providing you with choice and the flexibility to make the investment decisions yourself.


Certain limits and restrictions apply.


LifetimePlus is designed to improve the income of retirees at older ages.


By investing some of your pension in LifetimePlus, you can expect to receive an income for as long as you live.


LifetimePlus is able to keep on providing you with an income due to its innovative design. It combines an investment strategy focused on producing tax-effective income and some capital appreciation over time with a unique longevity pool structure to provide three types of income.


You should read the Media Super Pensions Guide PDS (including the additional information that forms part of the PDS) and the LifetimePlus Product Disclosure Statement  before you make a decision to invest in LifetimePlus. You should also seek advice from a licensed or appropriately authorised financial adviser before you make any investment decisions in relation to LifetimePlus.

Please note, LifetimePlus is unavailable until further notice. The relevant PDS documents will be published once the product is available again. 


Learn more about your investment options, including how to make a choice, in our Investments section.