Media Super pensions

You're a creative, talented professional but you don't want to work forever. Continue your super journey with your industry fund, Media Super.

Whether you're retired or still working, Media Super offers pension products to suit your needs.

A pension allows you to access some of your super as an income stream and still gain returns on your super investment.

With Media Super you have access to many benefits:

  • Transition to Retirement (TTR) income stream while you're still working
  • Retirement income stream with optional lump sum payments after you retire
  • Investment minimum $10,000
  • Flexible payment options
  • Tax free investment earnings (Pension retirement income stream only)
  • Tax free pension payments after you turn 60
  • Low fees
  • Large range of investment options to choose from
  • Strong long-term returns
  • Financial advice
  • Personal service from people who understand your industry