Simpler age pension

Simpler age pension

Applying for the Age Pension with Centrelink can be a frustrating and complex process. Retirement Essentials can help eligible members access the Age Pension more easily. Check if you're eligible today with the Retirement Essentials Age Pension calculator.

Media Super has merged with Cbus

Due to Media Super merging with Cbus, Media Super Pension accounts have closed and been moved to a Cbus Super Income Stream.

We appreciate change can bring uncertainty. Please be assured all practical pension product options were scrutinised for benefits and the need to act in the best financial interests of our members.

For members with an existing Media Super Pension account, your benefits have been transferred to a new Cbus Super Income Stream and will continue to provide you with a regular pension payment. You will also enjoy additional benefits, such as:

  • Fortnightly payments in addition to monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly options
  • Additional flexibility on how payments are drawn down from investments
  • Retirement Spending Planner and Cbus Advice Team.
  • Named Money Magazine’s Best Pension Fund for 2022, you’re in great hands with Cbus.

The information on this web page relates to the Cbus Super Income Stream (SIS)

Age Pension applications made easy

If you’ve ever tried applying for the Age Pension you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Some members have told us it was so complicated they simply gave up.

Cbus are proud to partner with Retirement Essentials, experts in simplifying the Age Pension and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card application process for you.

You can complete your application online from the security of your own home and with back-up telephone support if you need it.

Retirement Essentials help make Age Pension applications easy

Applying through Retirement Essentials, you'll enjoy:

  • Simple online process
  • Support from Age Pension specialists throughout your application process.

Enjoy the benefits

  • Be confident that you’re getting all your Age Pension entitlements.
  • Feel supported and in control of your money. Age Pension Specialists are waiting to help you.
  • Save time by applying from the comfort of your own home.
  • No more confusing paperwork.
  • Avoid Centrelink frustration and skip the ‘backwards and forwards’ process.

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Media Super does not recommend, endorse or accept responsibility for this product or service. A copy of the Retirement Essentials Terms & Conditions, Financial Services Guide and Privacy Policy is available at retirement essentials. Media Super does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by the products and services provided by Retirement Essentials. Media Super does not receive any commissions from this organisation as a result of members using their products and services.