Executive team

Our Executive team is responsible for implementing the fund's strategy, delivering products and services to help our members reach a comfortable retirement.

  • Justin Arter

    Justin Arter

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Kristian Fok

    Kristian Fok

    Chief Investment Officer

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  • Mirella Robinson

    Mirella Robinson

    Chief Information Technology Officer

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  • Keith Wells-Jansz

    Keith Wells-Jansz

    Chief Financial Officer

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  • Wade Martin

    Wade Martin

    Chief Risk Officer

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  • Robbie Campo

    Robbie Campo

    Group Executive, Brand, Engagement, Advocacy and Product

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  • Marianne Walker

    Marianne Walker

    Chief Member Officer

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  • Nicholas Vamvakas

    Nicholas Vamvakas

    Group Executive, Strategy and Growth

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  • Kristin Miller

    Kristin Miller

    Group Executive, People and Culture

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Further reading

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