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Need to Know

29 October, 2014
Media Super’s Annual Report for the financial year ending 30 June 2014 is now available for download in our resources area at mediasuper.com.au/resources/publications/annual-report
28 October, 2014
From 1 December 2014, the switching fee will be deducted at the end of the month following the switch, or on exiting the fund in this timeframe.
15 October, 2014
If you’re approaching retirement age, this just might be the most important movie you watch this year...

Community News

21 November, 2014
Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their biggest moments of 2013/14. We are delighted to have such exciting and talented members....
29 October, 2014
Each of us has our own story, our own home life and career. We are members of families, of friendship circles, of communities, towns, and cities....
17 October, 2014
The annual salon represents an opportunity for photographers to show their work, gallery manager Pippa Milne tells Clare Kennedy
09 October, 2014
“My first night of shooting was pretty hard. It was past midnight, and in Canada it’s very, very cold,” actor Jacob Brown tells Clare Kennedy

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